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Top 5 places on campus for ProFros

Admit Weekend is here, and amid suitcases, wrinkled maps and ProFros asking where the restroom is when they’re, in fact, standing right in front of it, you may find yourself if anyone remembers that classes are still happening. The 5.7 percent is here, and as you take time to convince them to come to Stanford, take them to these classic campus spots to show them the best of the Farm.

Top 5 movies to see over spring break

Spring break might come in the form of your annual trip to Bora Bora, or it might just mean going home to sleep for seven days straight. No matter what your plans, the free time means it’s time to hit the movie theater right when the theater most needs the money. Intermission has the top movies you should check out over the break.

Sex Talks with the Tree: What happens in Vegas

I recently met a man at an airport bar who told me that he did not believe in the exchange of money for “sacred goods.” One sacred good, he said, was sex and our bodies. At first, I didn’t think much of it, as he was a random man at the very classy Ruby Tuesday’s bar, but he got me thinking. As a self-proclaimed feminist, I have always tried to be a proponent of the positive benefits and female empowerment that can accompany exotic dancing or prostitution.