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Ian Anstee
Ian Anstee is a Theater Desk Editor for Arts and Life at the Stanford Daily. He is primarily interested in theatre performance but also has an unhealthy obsession with classical music. Ian was born and raised in Havertown, Pennsylvania and is a proud member of the class of 2018. On any given weekend, you may find Ian hiking the dish, achieving nirvana at Windhover Contemplation Center, or binge-watching House of Cards. Contact him at ianstee5 "at"

To digitize or not to digitize: That is the question

With high-profile directors like Julie Taymor — famous for her direction of Broadway’s “The Lion King” — filming versions of their staged productions, the medium of digital theater is on the rise. Whereas before, one had little hope of experiencing The Young Vic’s “Streetcar Named Desire,” now a 10-minute bike ride to The Aquarius Theatre is…

Marie-Louise Catsalis mounts a hilariously overblown production of ‘Die Fledermaus’

Exaggerated to the point of hilarity, “Die Fledermaus in Miniature” takes a multilinguistic spin on the comedic operetta. Sponsored by Stanford Live and the Stanford Music Department, “Fledermaus” takes the stage of Dinkelspiel this weekend to provide mirth over an action-packed 70 minutes. Under the unapologetic direction of Marie-Louise Catsalis, the cast, crew and orchestra of “Die Fledermaus” present its audience with a comically overblown rendition of the Straussian classic.

The importance of community and playfulness in the arts

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Friday outside the bookstore. There are a few tourists milling about, as well as some unsuspecting undergraduates enjoying the afternoon sun. We run out, screaming, jumping and partaking in general tomfoolery. Slowly, we assemble ourselves into the shape of a horseshoe and prepare to sing. Welcome to “ClawCapella,” a weekly…

Actors Heylar and Charawi dominate the Roble Theater stage in ‘The Woolgatherer’

"The Woolgatherer" — set in the gritty, urban Philadelphia — demands much from its actors because their portrayals must bring the inner turmoil of their characters out for the audience to see; easier said than done. Luckily, its two primary and only actors — Jamie Heylar ‘17 and Moiead Charawi ‘17 — have little difficulty filling this tall order. Their chemistry lights up the Roble Dorm Theater stage.

Reimagining race and minority status through ‘Hairspray’

On the surface, "Hairspray" is the story of a girl who’s out to show the world what makes her special, but it’s also a story of sharp racial divisions and the breaking down of prejudice. In light of recent events, Savage had much to say on the topic of race in theater and how it will inform his directing of the iconic musical.

Top five film performances of 2014

2014—especially the latter half of it — was another groundbreaking year for cinema. From the jaw-dropping enormity of “Interstellar” to the fine-tuned details of “Gone Girl,” Hollywood has set the bar high for 2015.
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