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Holly Fetter

Synesthesia: Chocolate Heads explore art and culture

Folks from every corner of the Stanford bubble are gathered in Roble Gym doing jumping jacks set to synth-heavy trap tunes. Some students in sweatpants dance across the space, while others spit poems about station wagons and blond afros. This is just a typical Wednesday evening rehearsal for the Chocolate Heads Movement Band, Stanford╒s most outrageous and innovative art collective. This deconstructed dance crew, directed by Aleta Hayes ‘91, invites musicians, artists, poets, DJs and designers to contribute to their creations.

Chocolate Heads traverse the cosmos

When I first meet the Chocolate Heads crew they’re backstage, buzzing with laughter as they do their pre-show warm-ups. They carry that energy onto the stage as they flutter out the door and into the spacious Roble Dance Studio.

Review: Finding Jupiter’s ‘Racing Against the Sun’

Finding Jupiter is a year-old, four-piece rock outfit that hails from our own institution of higher learning. Born amid the perpetual sunshine and $50,000-a-year tuition of Stanford, Calif., this futuristic punk-rock band manages to bring a much-needed edge to the otherwise flawless veneer of the Farm.
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