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Heidi Sigua

How to conquer first-date planning

As the self-proclaimed president of the Forever Alone Society, I have had my fair share of kissing my mom at midnight on New Year’s and organizing singles-only Valentine’s Day sleepover parties, where I wake up alone with obscene things drawn on my face and the menu screen of “Bring It On” playing in the background.

Reviews: ‘Electra Heart’

There comes a point in every post-breakup ritual when a girl gets angry, changes her hair color and becomes vocal about vengeance. During an era of Adele withdrawals, Marina and the Diamonds’ second album, “Electra Heart,” and I met at this particular intersection.

UnCommon Apps

With the market flooded with hundreds of thousands of mobile apps for every conceivable purpose, how is a busy consumer to know what’s worth downloading and what’s not? We’ve broken down, by category, some of the best apps you’ve probably never heard of.

La Sera, La Bella– Indie princess takes SF

On an intimate stage in San Francisco, indie music sweetheart Katy Goodman crooned, “Waiting to tell you I can’t ever be with you so run back to her, love, because it’s over now,” in her deceptively sweet voice, inspiring fervor in the hip, young and swaying crowd. Later in the set, she used the same siren voice to introduce a song about death, coating her new breakup album, “La Sera Sees the Light."

Review: ‘In Time’

There comes a time in every woman's life (at least the ones born in the ‘90s) when she can no longer live with the blind celebrity worship of Justin Timberlake and finally admit that he has the acting ability of a lawn chair--albeit a sexy, flexible one.
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