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Hannah Knowles
Hannah Knowles is senior staff writer from San Jose who served as Volume 253 Editor-in-Chief. Prior to that, she managed The Daily's news section.

Knowles: One last pitch

Five out of my seven Facebook cover photos over the last four years have been Stanford Daily recruitment pitches. They feature the usual cut-and-paste blurbs of hype, dangling the prospect of “interviewing prominent campus visitors,” getting “front-row press passes to sporting events,” and, of course, eating free Treehouse pizza every night at production.

You can never level the playing field

The student identified as “Sarah” has been given a first-name pseudonym. For more context on this decision, see the editor’s note at the end of this article. “No laptops.” For most students, it’s an easy ask — a common refrain among professors sick of pupils checking Facebook during discussion. For Bryce Tuttle ’20, it’s a…

TDX fraternity to lose housing

The Theta Delta Chi (TDX) fraternity will lose its housing at the end of this school year, after the University found for the fourth year in a row that the group “needs improvements” to meet Stanford’s “Standards of Excellence” (SOE) governing reviews of Greek organizations. The fraternity plans to appeal the decision, and will receive a final outcome from Residential Education (ResEd) by Feb. 1.

Fraught mascot

The pin was vulgar beyond words — a grinning UC Berkeley bear, bent over what is meant to be an Indian, a half-clothed, black-braided man whose blobby shape resembles a Dino nugget. This wasn’t vintage memorabilia, someone’s token from their college days back in the 60s when Stanford’s mascot was still the Indian. This shiny…

William Blake and Yayoi Kusama: Endless Myth

When I walked into the screening of the movie “Kusama – Infinity,” a handful of people were already there, gathered on the green couches of FloMo, eyes glued to the screen. They were all familiar faces, except for the one woman in the corner, about my mom’s age—wearing casual khakis, and a serious expression as…

Knowles: Average is underrated

Pursuing challenge in our academic home territory comes easily to us. We’re eager to push ourselves in the areas we already have aptitude in. It’s harder, in our four short years at Stanford, to prioritize challenges outside our areas of strength.

Two poems by Jacob Langsner

Stuck in my Head Yellow light Lasers – daisies – Budding, implicit In thin air – blooming In a bed of powder – white Silk upon your upper lip, Fertilizing growth – Feeding lust – With a sharp inhale – A breath of fresh air, And signal to my fingers – The roots at your…
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