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Blow and pop: The life of a bubble

We here at Stanford live in a bubble. Think Cinderella when she’s mopping the floor, Glinda the Good Witch when Dorothy first gets to Munchkin land. These bubbles are beautiful and reassuring. The more countercultural and honest amongst us joke that such ephemeral shapes don’t reflect real life, instead offering us a reality filled with…

Are we adults yet?

The end of winter quarter inevitably brings the stress and pressure of final exams. It is during these last few weeks that students are at their most childlike, pulling all-nighters, downing coffee like it’s going out of style and just generally making decisions that would raise the eyebrows of even the most liberal parents. It…

A new formation

Twenty-first century humans often discuss the phenomenon of “breaking the internet,” be it Kim K’s butt on the cover of Paper magazine, the ice bucket challenge, or the gold/white/blue/black dress. Beyoncé’s new song, “Formation,” released on YouTube and Tidal on Feb. 6, a day before her Super Bowl halftime performance (what would have been the day…

X marks the spot

Stanford students hustle and bustle and achieve. And sometimes, in the midst of all that, they forget the treasure chest that is this University. Sunk at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by silver fish and warped underwater light—the jewels and quirks are ours for the appreciating. I experimented with deep sea diving this past week (last ocean metaphor I promise) and what I found was a greater connectivity to this place and to myself.

From tragedy, growth

Once upon a freshman year there was a pair of roommates. Opposites if you want to be so cliché– one black, one white, one open, one closed, one dedicated, one lost, one weary, one enthusiastic, both naïve. Their differences are irrelevant; this is a story about their similarities, and their strange and unexpected mutual growth in the wake of the Mizzou tragedy.

Got herd?

Launched in 2013, Yik Yak has become a humorous and opinionated center of communication on college campuses. And while the Stanford Yak stream may be more cleverly worded than say, the Cal one, it still speaks to the insecurity and desire for validation pervasive in our social media-heavy existence. I know it seems extreme to load this much power into an app that people use casually, but the truth of the matter is that we begin to formulate a divergent identity every time we Yak something we wouldn’t say, or post a picture that doesn’t represent who we are.