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Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last

It’s only two days into week six of fall quarter, so imagine my surprise upon receiving an email from my PMA (Pre Major Advisor) informing me that Winter Quarter enrollment opened this past Sunday. Did I miss something? Here I am just settling into the rhythm of my courses, beginning to take those first hesitant steps into their content, when suddenly I’m forced to think about what’s coming next.

Never ending

The end of one thing always marks the beginning of another, and my first year at Stanford is no different. As freshman year swings to a close, I can’t help sniffle as I read through old journal entries, pull down wall collages and slowly take apart the identity I have crafted during this first year…

Beautiful Beltane

For most of us Stanford mortals, Synergy is a word heavily shrouded by implications, associations, and perhaps even a certain appeal. We have classified co-op people as a specific sort, and are not quick to change these stock images. In the same way, we have established notions of Greek-lifers, athletes, CS majors, and cultural groups;…

Mediations on tea

When I first saw that ARTHIST 287A, “The Japanese Tea Ceremony: The History, Aesthetics and Politics Behind a National Pastime,” was a course offered during Stanford’s spring quarter I was floored. I couldn’t believe that such a nuanced interest of mine was woven into the fabric of Stanford’s academic net. Needless to say, I was…