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Hamza Ali Zahurullah

‘Drogas Wave’ is the final boss of hip-hop concept albums

2018 has been an eventful year for hip-hop. The news cycle was dominated by rap feuds, battles for Billboard 200 supremacy, tragic artist deaths and Kanye West’s entire social media presence. Major releases came from J Cole, Logic, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Travis Scott, Noname, The Carters, Kendrick Lamar and countless others.   “Daytona,” “Kids See Ghosts,” “Dirty…

‘A Quiet Place’ is silently scary

Welcome to “Movies In Conversation,” a new Screen beat feature at The Stanford Daily. In this week’s edition, critics Abe Thompson and Hamza Zahurullah offer differing opinions on the horror hit “A Quiet Place.” The film is set in the aftermath of an alien invasion. The extraterrestrial creatures hunt humans and attack anything they hear.…
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