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Halle Edwards

Top 5: Best thing to do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which for people in relationships is a great opportunity to dress up, go out on a nice date and flood Instagram with evidence of their love. Meanwhile, if you’re single, you’re probably dreading a day full of reminders of your less-than-ideal relationship status.

Looking ahead to the Oscars

This year's Academy Awards ceremony is shaping up to be diverse, with everything from children's films (“Hugo”) to raunchy rom-coms (“Bridesmaids”) to a silent film (“The Artist”) up for major awards. But who will actually win Oscar gold, and who will go home empty-handed? Check out our predictions to win all your Oscar-related betting!

Stuff We Love: Vampire Diaries

As a self-proclaimed “Twilight” hater, I saw previews for “The Vampire Diaries” back in 2009 and rolled my eyes at the CW Network's attempt to cash in on the nation's vampire hysteria. I only started watching the series because I thought it would provide the same unintentional laughs “Twilight” did. At first, the plot even seemed lazily similar to that of “Twilight”: mopey human girl Elena meets broody vampire Stefan and falls in love, while mysterious "animal attacks” plague their gloomy small town of Mystic Falls.

Drunk celebrities are fun celebrities

Awards season officially kicked off last Sunday with the Golden Globes. A long awards show that honors both film and television, the Globes are notorious for the open bar available to the celebrities--the cause of many a drunken speech both this year and in years past. In case you missed it or didn’t feel like sitting through four hours of TV, here’s our compilation of the night’s most exciting moments.

Our pop culture bucket list

If our modern interpretation of the Mayan calendar is to be believed, humanity is down to its last year. Panicked? We at Intermission are as well--how can we absorb all the latest movies, awards shows, cons and video games before Dec. 21? In order to make things manageable, we've compiled a pop-culture bucket list to make sure that, come the apocalypse, you’ve experienced pop culture to the fullest.

A fairytale showdown

After a tumultuous fall for several new fall dramas (soapy series “Revenge” has found ratings success while the much-hyped “Playboy Club” is already cancelled, and “Pan Am’s performance has been turbulent) two networks are rolling the dice on series based on fairytales. The shows, “Once Upon A Time” and “Grimm,” use similar source material in very different ways--and with mixed results.

Review: “What’s Your Number?”

Do boyfriends improve with age? Is it possible to have too many sexual partners? What exactly does it mean to go “full Borat”? Such insightful questions are explored in Hollywood’s latest entry in a string of uninspiring romantic comedies, “What’s Your Number?”
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