Guest Column

Photo Gallery blurb: Cesar Arevalo Jr.

This collection of images captures the area surrounding Stanford’s campus through different perspectives with an emphasis on the driver’s seat and public transportation. Most images were captured during desperate attempts to get away from campus life. These trips served to silence my mind and clear the haze that had developed throughout the week. The winding…

‘Pacing’ by Marc Huerta Osborn

Across the street, by the sea-wall, an old woman paces back and forth. With one hand she skims the waist-high wall for balance, her palm gliding over chalky concrete. Her other hand grips a black walking stick. She scoots down the entire length of sea-wall, pausing only where tangled brush swallows jutting rock; turns, scoots…

What Steve Jobs meant to me

Having just learned about his death, I’m mustering something together to try to articulate Steve Jobs’ impact on my life. Unlike many people here in the Valley, I wasn’t much of a geek, let alone an Apple fanboy.
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