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Grace Yoo

Stanford Theater Lab presents provocative interpretation of ‘Macbeth’

A uniquely configured thrust stage is the first of the many surprises presented during Stanford Theater Laboratory’s production of “Macbeth.” Under the ambitious direction of Michael Hunter Ph.D. ’13, the thirteen-person ensemble transforms one of Shakespeare’s most famous play into a non-traditional, visually stimulating performance. A capstone project for seniors Noemi Berkowitz, Andre Amarotico, and Levi…

Inside AATP’s upcoming production of ‘Into the Woods’

The Asian American Theater Project’s (AATP) production of “Into the Woods” opens this Friday, January 22. In between rehearsals and production meetings, I was able to sit down and talk to director Ariana Johnson (‘17) about what makes this performance of “Into the Woods” so special. The Stanford Daily (TSD): Why is it important that…

Let’s get technical: ‘Gaieties’ 2015

“Gaieties” is set to make its 104th return on Nov. 18, which means that beloved characters will soon be worming their way back into Memorial Auditorium and into the hearts of the students body: the Tree, the ever-failing Cal villain and a smattering of arbitrarily naked college kids (to name a few). What most audience members forget, however,…

All guests welcomed at Silk Worm’s wedding, ‘Bottom Bride’

Performing in the Elliot Programming Center this Thursday to Saturday, “Bottom Bride” is Eric Eich’s TAPS (Theater and Performance Studies) senior capstone project featuring the wedding of his alter ego, Silk Worm. Despite its wild setting, the interactive play accomplishes Eich’s goal to convince the audience to cheer for Silk Worm’s new love after a…
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