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Gil Abend-David
Gil Abend-David is a high school student writing as part of The Daily’s Summer Journalism Workshop.

Feminine queerness and the legacy of Santana Lopez

When I was 11 and first started watching the 2009 TV show “Glee,” I was an annoying Jewish overachiever who built her entire identity around eventually becoming more successful than my bullies. I was a small-nosed Rachel Berry, however, there was something lurking beneath the surface that rendered me unable to love Glee’s infamous anti-hero.…

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: A progressive show?

However, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine is able to create progressive characters, its plot is unable to do the same. Brooklyn Nine-Nine builds its plot by using tropes from crime shows from the war on terror era, such as Criminal Minds (2005) and CSI (2000), and putting a comedic spin on them.
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