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Fangzhou Liu
Fangzhou Liu ’19 was Vol. 253 Executive Editor; before that, she co-led the news section. She grew up in Singapore and studies computer science and linguistics.

Harassment, assault allegations against Moretti span three campuses

two new allegations of Moretti sexually harassing graduate students have surfaced: one from a woman who says she had to set a dog loose to get Moretti to stop propositioning her and leave her house late at night and another incident described by multiple sources who say Moretti lost a job opportunity at Johns Hopkins after a graduate student reported that he touched her inappropriately.

Meghan Shea ’17 named Rhodes Scholar

Meghan Shea ’17 was named a 2017 Rhodes Scholar-elect on Nov. 19. Considered one of the oldest and most celebrated international fellowships, the Rhodes Scholarship funds two to three years of study at the University of Oxford for 32 outstanding students each year.
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