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Eric Messinger

Diversity remains ongoing struggle

The composite picture of socioeconomic diversity at Stanford is a patchwork, both in the data available and the efforts made to achieve it. The first class of students at Stanford, in 1891, famously required no tuition. Among the ranks of the Farm’s “pioneer class” was a young man born in an Iowa village, the son of a blacksmith and a minister, who at the time of his admission was orphaned and living in Oregon.

Hussain to become dean of FroSoCo

The Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo) has a new dean, only the program’s second since its founding in 1999. Nadeem J.Z. Hussain ‘90, a professor of philosophy, has been tapped to lead the residential program, which houses freshmen and sophomores on West campus.

Elam outlines plans as new VPUE

After months spent assessing Stanford’s teaching efforts in preparation for a reform of its undergraduate requirements, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) Harry Elam Jr. will now be in a position to implement them from his new office in a year’s time. Elam, also a drama professor, took over as VPUE on July 1.

Hennessy describes long-term education challenges

In the final Faculty Senate meeting of the 2009-10 academic year, University President John Hennessy outlined a series of long-term challenges for Stanford and other research universities. He focused on interactions with the federal government, economic pressures on families and institutions, and the process of integrating Stanford with an internationalized world.

Stanford’s use of tax-exempt bonds set to continue

Universities' use of tax-exempt bonds to fund capital projects has come under scrutiny from the federal government, introducing the possibility of increased regulation, but Stanford's existing practices appear set to continue as normal and will face no additional oversight at the state level for now.

Trustees report from Yale

Stanford’s Board of Trustees reported Friday on their retreat to Yale University, which Board Chair Leslie Hume said provided a look at a “very different” institution.

Bravman explains Farm exit

When the announcement came Monday that Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education John Bravman ‘79 M.S. ‘81 Ph.D. ’85 would leave Stanford to become the president of Bucknell University, it was the same day he brought home his newborn son, Cole, from the hospital.

University examines growing class size

Over a three-year period, Stanford has quietly seen an almost five percent increase in the number of new students it enrolls each year -- and the University appears ready to stay the course for the near future.

Gaining Personal Perspective

Junior year ages people. No more or less time elapses than any other year, but in their time as juniors, undergraduates shift their personal outlook when they’re on the second half of their Stanford career.

Small fire empties Allen Center

A small flash fire occurred in the Paul G. Allen Center for Integrated Systems annex Thursday afternoon, setting off smoke detectors and forcing the evacuation of some 150 people from the annex and the main CIS building...

Faculty Senate discusses cheating

The range of factors complicating the enforcement of the Honor Code and the lack of easy solutions to some of the problems affecting it were the running theme of a range of presentations...

State of the Union

President Barack Obama delivered his first State of the Union address last night before a joint session of Congress, the Supreme Court and other members of the government, renewing his push for an ambitious legislative agenda — and calling for a change in the tone and politics of Washington to allow for its achievement.
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