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Eric Epstein

Inside Stanford Dining’s food donation program

With 12,000 meals being served every day at 11 different on-campus dining halls, there is an immense amount of food that flows through the Stanford dining hall kitchens and into students’ stomachs on a daily basis. Although some amount of food waste is impossible to avoid, the dining halls do their best to limit the impact of their leftovers.

Summer Human Rights Series kicks off with ‘Stink!’ documentary

The first film in the Stanford Summer Human Rights Series, “Stink!”,  was screened on campus on July 19. The series is part of the Camera as a Witness (CAW) Program, which was founded by Stanford teacher and lecturer Jasmina Bojic eight years ago. The three films that will be shown in the Summer Series are selected from the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) archives, according to Bojic.
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