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Emily Wilder

Well-meaning dismissal is just as dangerous as panic

It’s undeniable that a) the coronavirus epidemic is about to change everyday life for some time, and b) our government, at this point, cannot be trusted to accurately represent the magnitude of this crisis or do what is needed to adequately respond. Both of these realities have even greater implications for at-risk and marginalized communities, and dismissing the fear in some ways does them more harm than good.

WWIII memes betray our lack of empathy — and knowledge of history

Historical inquiry not only allows us to understand seemingly complicated and distant world events, but it also encourages empathy. Like understanding, empathy is something equally important, and I believe equally lacking, from American political discourse, particularly surrounding American military intervention in places like Iran.

SCR, Ben Shapiro and other intellectual frauds are unworthy of our attention

What I’m saying is this: perhaps those who are critical of the Stanford College Republicans and the Ben Shapiro’s of the world can try a new strategy this time around (considering we’ll certainly, unfortunately have more opportunities to test out strategies). No, don’t ignore them or implicitly accept that this is just the way things are, but don’t gift that righteous energy to the likes of Ben Shapiro who does not meet the standards of intellectual rigor at a place like Stanford—even with his Harvard law degree—or our moral standards as a community.
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