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Emilia Diaz-Magaloni

Senator proposes Narcan, fentanyl kits in student residences

Body also discusses free Bay Area transport, Senate transparency

The 21st Undergraduate Senate discussed a resolution to place Narcan and Fentanyl kits in dorms and houses. The Senate also discussed a bill to establish free Bay Area transport for students and a bill to create public voting records of the ASSU Senate meetings in an effort to provide more transparency for the student body.

Senate talks affordable healthcare, ethical investments

At the 12th meeting of the 21st Undergraduate Senate, senators passed a resolution to support affordable student-dependent health care ahead of schedule. Senators also discussed efforts to streamline student mental health resources and initiatives to ensure ethical Cardinal Fund investments.  Graduate Student Council representative and sixth-year Ph.D candidate Irán Román brought forward a resolution calling…

Historic movie theaters of San Francisco

It’s that buttery aroma of popcorn, the slurping of half-melted Icees, those quintessential carpeted seats that bring back instant recollections of nights spent spellbound under the big screen. Apart from choosing between the new Marvel movie or Meryl Streep’s next Oscar-nominated performance, there is another choice to make when deciding to go out to the…

‘Beautiful Boy’: A tragic story of addiction

“Beautiful Boy” is the story of addiction, but more importantly, it’s the story of the enduring love between a father and son. The film is based on the respective memoirs of both father David Sheff and son Nic Sheff, and these two narratives encompass the stories of both the witness to the addiction and the…

‘Maniac’ considers the mysteries of the mind

Jam-packed with 90s nostalgia, boxy computers, eccentric scientists and a twisted vintage style, “Maniac” thrusts us into a world that is not quite our own. Set in an alternate United States, “Maniac” plays with a future where clunky technology and green-text PCs create functioning AI and seek to unravel the human brain. The 10 episode…
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