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Elizabeth Gerson

‘Rhythms’ brings multicultural arts to the public

Rhythms is a multicultural benefit show that features a wide variety of student group performance -- both traditional and modern renditions of cultural dance, a cappella and other talents.

‘Game of Throws’ visits Palo Alto High School

As students at Stanford, we’re always looking for new ways to de-stress. For members of the student-run juggling organization Down With Gravity, relaxation came in the form of flaming torches and dance battles. Palo Alto High School hosted its first juggling festival, aptly-named “Game of Throws,” during the last weekend of January. The event drew…

Hard truth: a review of ‘An Evening with Ken Burns’

It’s only fitting that something with as many complex, confounding layers as the Vietnam War would receive coverage comprehensive enough to span an 18-hour documentary and a decade of interviews, research and analysis. With esteemed documentarian (hailed as “America’s Storyteller” by none other than Tom Hanks) Ken Burns and co-director Lynn Novick at the helm…
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