Elizabeth Fair

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” transports audience to rural Mississippi

For her senior project for Stanford Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS), producer and actress Safiya Nygaard '14 chose to take on “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,“ Tennessee Williams’ most famous work. The production, directed by Michael Hunter Ph.D. '13 and put on by the Stanford Theater Laboratory in conjunction with the Department of Theater & Performance Studies, provides a good, if sometimes uneven, introduction to the classic.

Stanford Theater Laboratory produces Eurydice

Stanford Theater Laboratory’s production of Eurydice, a one-act play by the contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl, asks us to consider weighty themes of death, remembrance, and identity through one woman’s choice between a husband and a father. Performed three times last week under the direction of Allison Gold ’15, this unusual and frustrating play draws the audience into an off-kilter world where the mundane becomes magical.
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