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Elise Johnson

Nuclear investigations

Sagan’s interest in nuclear security was inspired by his college thesis on failed deterrence efforts that led to the Pacific War during World War II. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1977 with a major in government, he pursued a Ph.D. in political science at Harvard University. This led to a job at the Pentagon where Sagan served as special assistant to the director of the Joint Staff.But Sagan does not just influence politicians. As the Caroline S.G. Munro professor of political science at Stanford, he inspires students to take an interest in the world’s nuclear security issues. Besides teaching classes, he hires a number of undergraduate research assistants each quarter.

Formula for happiness

Jennifer Aaker Ph.D. '95, the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at the GSB, is a social psychologist and marketer. Her research is centered on the science and data behind pursuing personal happiness. An iPhone application designed by Aaker now allows users to track and analyze their happiness.
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