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Elena Marchetti-Bowick
Elena Marchetti-Bowick '17 is a contributor for The Stanford Daily from Syracuse, New York. She is a sophomore majoring in economics with an interest in policy analysis. Her passions include cooking, playing tennis, and sunshine. To contact her, please email her at elenamb 'at'

Beyond rush: Promoting diversity in Greek life

If we want to make serious changes to the composition of our Greek organizations, it will require more than empty statements of encouragement and occasional critiques of the rush process. In order for minorities to want to be apart of Greek organizations, we must make them welcome, which may require a drastic alteration of Greek practices.

Stratifying Stanford one sandwich at a time

Working to improve economic equity is not always easy. But having an economically diverse student body is futile if the only thing it achieves is stratification on campus. If we truly value such diversity, we must work to make sure that students of all classes, not just the upper class, have access to the same resources.

Relationship abuse: The forgotten half of SARA

We as students can and should expect our administration to play a proactive role in addressing violence against women, rather than waiting to institute change until public anger surfaces. Thus, I urge SARA to live up to its name and not treat relationship abuse as an aside, casually slapped on to the end of an acronym, but rather address it with the severity that its victims and survivors deserve.

We are not your porn

In effect, due to their status as a stigmatized minority, queer women have an increased susceptibility to the physical and mental consequences associated with harassment. Despite the severity of these consequences, ending the sexual harassment of queer women, especially on college campuses, remains to be prioritized.
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