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Pity the Stanford Smoker

The concern expressed by Mr. Bentley (“Letter to Stanford University on Tobacco Use Policies”, Oct. 1, 2015) is admirable. Perhaps he has not been on campus recently, having graduated more than thirty years ago, but the notion of students and academic facilities being “overwhelmed” and “engulfed” by tobacco is, well, all smoke and mirrors. The…

Four more Stanford commencement speakers

Stanford has only invited a handful of writers and even fewer artists to deliver the Commencement address. A quick scan of past speakers shows that we prefer political leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and the occasional television journalist. Yet, over the past four years, Stanford has changed a tremendous amount.

More misinformation on Hong Kong

This accusation is absurd. First, the people delivering the presentation, Anson Chan and Martin Lee, are not Occupy Central leaders. Second, even the real leaders of Occupy Central have only marginal power over the demonstrations on the ground. Mr. Sur’s caricature of democracy in Hong Kong bastardizes their decades-long fight for the right to representative government.

Kharis Templeman discusses student protest in Taiwan

Kharis Templeman, program manager for the Taiwan Democracy Project at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), studies democratization, dominant-party electoral regimes and Pacific Asia. As a Taiwan scholar, he has keenly followed the protest movement that occupied the Legislative Yuan on March 18, paralyzing the government.