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Edward Ngai
Edward Ngai is a senior staff writer at The Stanford Daily. Previously, he has worked as a news desk editor, staff development editor and columnist. He was president and editor-in-chief of The Daily for Vol. 244 (2013-2014). Edward is a junior from Vancouver, Canada studying political science. This summer, he is the Daniel Pearl Memorial Intern at the Wall Street Journal.

Pity the Stanford Smoker

The concern expressed by Mr. Bentley (“Letter to Stanford University on Tobacco Use Policies”, Oct. 1, 2015) is admirable. Perhaps he has not been on campus recently, having graduated more than thirty years ago, but the notion of students and academic facilities being “overwhelmed” and “engulfed” by tobacco is, well, all smoke and mirrors. The…

Four more Stanford commencement speakers

Stanford has only invited a handful of writers and even fewer artists to deliver the Commencement address. A quick scan of past speakers shows that we prefer political leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and the occasional television journalist. Yet, over the past four years, Stanford has changed a tremendous amount.

More misinformation on Hong Kong

This accusation is absurd. First, the people delivering the presentation, Anson Chan and Martin Lee, are not Occupy Central leaders. Second, even the real leaders of Occupy Central have only marginal power over the demonstrations on the ground. Mr. Sur's caricature of democracy in Hong Kong bastardizes their decades-long fight for the right to representative government.

Alums confirmed safe after scare in Nepal blizzard

Two Stanford alumni are safe after being caught in a deadly blizzard while hiking in Nepal. Christopher Anderson B.S., M.S. ’11 and Jonathan Potter B.S., M.S. ’12 departed from Kathmandu, Nepal on Oct. 6 to hike the Annapurna Circuit, a hundred-mile trek that takes more than two weeks. On Oct. 14, a sudden blizzard caught…

Ike’s Place sacked: RFP cites survey, but students angry with process

On April 25, the University announced that Ike’s Place will be replaced by an eatery operated by Stanford Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) in September. R&DE has not yet announced the details of its winning restaurant concept. In the meantime, students have been left to wonder how the decision to award the contract was made, who made it and why.

Kharis Templeman discusses student protest in Taiwan

Kharis Templeman, program manager for the Taiwan Democracy Project at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), studies democratization, dominant-party electoral regimes and Pacific Asia. As a Taiwan scholar, he has keenly followed the protest movement that occupied the Legislative Yuan on March 18, paralyzing the government.

Q&A: Stoner discusses situation in Ukraine

On Nov. 21, 2013, thousands gathered at Kiev's Maidan Nezalezhnosti demonstrating against then-President Viktor Yanukovych's suspension of policies that brought Ukraine closer with the European Union. For months, tensions in the former Soviet republic have been building as two opposing forces pull at the Ukraine, with the European Union on one hand and Russia on the other.

SAID hosts 9th annual economics conference

Economies Unseen, the ninth annual conference of the Stanford Association for International Development (SAID), probed the informal economy–a network of informal and illicit transactions collectively worth $10 trillion a year–in an all-day event on Saturday.

Newest Dollies discuss audition process

Five freshmen have been invited to join the Dollies after successfully passing through several rounds of a multi-week audition process. The Daily sat down with the newest additions to the Dollies’ lineage to discuss the audition process and the future ahead.

Saplings vie for mascot title during Tree Week

Auditions to be the 2014-15 Stanford Tree–mascot of the Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band (LSJUMB) and kisser of hundreds every Full Moon on the Quad–began on Feb. 17 and will conclude this week when LSJUMB rolls out one of the eight candidates vying for the job.

Bloomberg News’ Winkler emphasizes data in company success

In a presentation on Wednesday afternoon, Bloomberg News co-founder and editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler repeatedly emphasized the foundation of the financial news giant’s success: data. The hour-long talk, part of a weekly speaker series for Communications graduate students, was also live-streamed on the class’s website.

Editor’s Farewell: The Daily classroom

More than anything, working here has shown me the richness and diversity of Stanford life. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity. The Daily has defined my college career so far and I am blessed for everything it has given me.

Paulraj named 2014 Marconi Society prize winner

Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, professor emeritus of electrical engineering, has been named the winner of the 2014 Marconi Society prize. A pioneer in the field of wireless technology, his innovations have become the backbone of today’s ubiquitous Wi-Fi and 4G systems.

University begins plans for construction of new “arts gym”

As the arts scene at Stanford receives increasing resources and attention, the University has started planning the construction of a new “arts gym”—a drop-in studio and performing arts space at Roble Gym. An enormous amount of interest is driving the University to keep up with student demand for arts spaces, according to Matthew Tiews M.A. ‘99 Ph.D. ‘04, executive director of arts program.

Letter from the editor: The New Stanford Daily

Starting on Sept. 27, The Daily will print a tabloid Weekender bringing together the best of our journalism. Every Friday, The Weekender turns the spotlight on one campus issue and combines our coverage with expanded sports, opinions and a re-imagined arts section. The tabloid format also gives us the much-needed flexibility to showcase our media section: student work in photo, video and graphics.
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