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Vol. 258 Editorial Board

Graduate students deserve more support

Currently, graduate students are shouldering the demands of the University's teaching and research responsibilities, while facing the prospect of a bleak job market and uncertain financial future. On top of this, graduate students face a growing affordability crisis stemming from the high cost of living at Stanford. These well-documented struggles predate the pandemic, but they have been exacerbated in light of it.

Stanford must step up to meet crucial student needs

This crisis is a moment that reveals Stanford’s priorities. Unfortunately, currently it is the students, not the school, that are stepping up to fill gaps when it comes to crucial needs. That should not be the case. That is why we, as an Editorial Board, are asking the University to rapidly create resource lists, change its policies around leaves of absence and create an emergency assistance program.

The University needs to support an immediate path to AAAS departmentalization

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne once again sidestepped the question of African and African American Studies (AAAS) departmentalization in a June 30 letter addressing racial justice. The administration’s decision to not begin departmentalization was made without consulting either AAAS students or faculty, and it fails to honor the explicit recommendations of the Black Graduate Students Association (BGSA), the Black Student Union (BSU) and over 5,000 individuals who signed a BGSA and BSU circulated petition.
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