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Ecy King

The flower that blooms in adversity

Although COVID-19 has been a wild ride, I’ve seen people make the most of it and thrive. Although we aren’t at Stanford, the trees are still growing, growing in different places but nonetheless together.

5 lessons learned from frosh fall quarter

Here are my top five takeaways from my first quarter at Stanford: 1. There are many different flavors of “smart” Coming into Stanford, I knew it was diverse; however, I was still expecting similar “flavors” of smart — the tangy, sweet and extremely nerdy kind — to dominate the school. But the intellectual diversity of…

Insights from people watching

As I write this, I am seated at a bench between the back of Main Quad and the front of Green Library. To give myself time to think, I decided to walk to class, and to further clear my mind, I took a seat on this bench in the sunny Stanford weather. I was intending…

I looked at my admissions file, here’s what I saw

It’s 12:59 p.m., and I’m hopelessly rushing up the stairs of Tresidder. Why? I’m supposed to be viewing my admissions file in exactly one minute. Whoops. Looks like I’ll be late, which is ironic because the last time I tried to view my file, I was too early. You see, over the summer, my overly…
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