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Dominica Wambold

Oliver Stone discusses Hiroshima, Cold War

Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone brought his new documentary “The Bomb” to Stanford for a two-hour screening and panel discussion in the Lane History Corner last week. The panel included Daniel Ellsberg and historian Peter Kuznick.

Student athlete majors mirror general student body choices

Stanford student-athletes tend to favour the same majors as the general student body, according to data from the Office of the University Registrar. The most popular major among student-athletes was HumBio, with 69 declared student-athletes, the same major that was most popular among the graduating class of 2012.

Bowen pressures top universities to fix increasing education costs

William G. Bowen, former president of Princeton University, drew attention to the crippling debt burden placed on students by universities in his two-part talk on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Emphasizing the power of institutions like Stanford and Princeton, he argued that a cooperative and immediate effort by elite universities could pull America’s national higher education system back from the brink of disaster.
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