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Danielle Echeverria

Explore Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process

Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process (Student Title IX Process) outlines the University’s policies and process in reviewing and adjudicating sexual violence allegations made against students. The policy has been criticized by students and faculty on multiple grounds, including those surrounding counseling, attorney time, the definition of sexual assault and expulsions.

‘It seems more present now than it’s ever been’: Students, administrators talk drug culture on campus

Students reported that they source hard drugs from other students or off the internet, indicating that the substances are accessible for those who want them. Student residential staff were aware of this but felt that staff training did not sufficiently prepare them to help students experiencing issues as a result of drug use, they told The Daily.

Beloved ‘Data Challenge Lab’ on ice pending reboot

When students in COMM 173E: “Data Challenge Lab” — a tight-knit class described by multiple students as the best they had taken at Stanford — learned that the course would unexpectedly no longer be offered for future students, they were intensely disappointed. The Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME), which created the class, is considering how to rework the course so that it can be offered to more than 25 students at a time.

Stanford Marriage Pact releases second annual Campus Report

Five million potential first dates. That’s effectively what the Stanford Marriage Pact algorithm runs through to give each participant their perfect Stanford match, said co-founder Liam McGregor ’20. The number of participants in the Marriage Pact — which asks students about a range of topics from religion and politics to sex and spontaneity — has…

Video: John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk 2017

Faculty, staff and students took a break from work to support wellness at Stanford at the 11th annual Cardinal Walk on Thursday May 4. This year's one-mile walk around campus had the theme "Moonwalk to Wellness" and was named after outgoing Provost, John Etchemendy. (DANIELLE ECHEVERRIA/The Stanford Daily)

Video: Cool product expo 2017

The Cool Product Expo is an annual exposition of innovative products, hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This year, more than two dozen entrepreneurs came from Silicon Valley and beyond to demonstrate groundbreaking hardware, software, consumer tech, wearables and more!
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