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Photos: Bank of the West Classic

All photos by SAM GIRVIN/The Stanford Daily. [justified_image_grid title_field=off rss_url= rss_description=excerpt rss_excerpt_length=15 rss_excerpt_ending=none]

Frost Festival 2014

The 2014 Frost Festival featured Dispatch and Paper Void. [justified_image_grid ids=1085842,1085841,1085825,1085840,1085839,1085822,1085838,1085836,1085835,1085834,1085833,1085832,1085831,1085830,1085829,1085828,1085827,1085826,1085837,1085824,1085823]

Multifaith Melodies

Stanford's Raagapella a capella group performed in the Old Union Courtyard Monday night as part of a Multifaith Concert. The concert, a capstone event to President Obama's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, also featured performances from Testimony, Stanford Gospel Choir, STAMP and other singing groups.

Climate Concerns

Climate researchers and social scientists discussed the ethical implications of scientists conveying climate research to the public last night. From left: Ethics in Society Fellow Joseph Mazor, UC-San Diego History Professor Naomi Oreskes, and Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Noah Diffenbaugh.

Student Revolution in Chile

Gregory Elacqua, Director of the Institute of Public Policy at Universidad Diego Portales, spoke along with Giorgio Jackson, leader of the Chilean student movement last night in CERAS. The speakers discussed the events that led to the Chilean student movement.

Students for life

Rhodes Scholar and Ph.D. candidate Sherif Girgis, co-author of “What is Marriage?”, addressed students at the First Annual Pro-Life and Pro-Family Reception Thursday evening.

Cardinal Carnaval

Afro-Brazillian marching band Fogo Na Roupa led a colorful parade in White Plaza for Stanford’s first yearly Carnaval. Latinos Unidos, Cardinal Nights and Spring Faire sponsored the event

Art & Activism

Favianna Rodriguez, a world acclaimed printmaker and Visiting Artist at Stanford, discussed the relationship between art and activism at the Black House Thursday afternoon. The Institute for Diversity in the Arts hosted the event.

Jazz Jam

A trio featuring an upright bass player, jazz guitarist and drummer performed at the CoHo during a weekly Jazz Jam Monday night. Each week, musicians and spectators gather to perform, improvise and enjoy the music of others.

Touring the human condition

Stanford Continuing Studies hosted its third and final part of the “Interdisciplinary Tour of the Human Condition” Thursday evening. Jaron Lanier, a leader in the field of virtual research, spoke about the “Mind,” along with three other panelists. (ALISA ROYER/The Stanford Daily)

Turban Thursday

The Satrang Sikh Student Association encouraged students of all religious beliefs to wear a turban Thursday and spread awareness about Sikhism and the importance of the turban to Sikhs in recognition of International Sikh Turban Day at Stanford. (ALISA ROYER/The Stanford Daily)
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