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Cricket X. Bidleman

Letter to community: ASSU and VPSA letters on 5150 policy change

Yesterday, the Daily announced the Associated Students of Stanford University's (ASSU) work with the Student Affairs office regarding changes to the 5150 policy, which is in place to protect people’s mental health in emergency situations. This is a change many mental health advocates (including ASSU presidents and vice presidents) have been working toward for years.

Remembering our heroes: The importance of voting

This past Tuesday was Voter Registration Day. Register to vote if you’re eligible. When elections roll around, be sure to vote if you can. Think about the people who will remember our past, while deciding the present and shaping the future. When you vote, vote for the people who will remember our heroes.

The ASSU is rebranding

I use “we” and “our” here, since I’m referring to the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE). The ASSU has existed since 1891, and that’s pretty amazing—we’re almost 130 years old! Since its foundation, the ASSU has spent its time influencing positive change on campus, and providing over $3 million in annual funding for student groups so that everyone can find communities they belong to. Fast forward to 1995—we became financially independent from the University and thus founded SSE. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of SSE’s founding and the ASSU’s financial independence, we’ve gone through some rebranding.
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