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Cole Griffiths

To Dinesh D’Souza’s detractors: Don’t give him new ammunition

Today the Stanford College Republicans will be hosting notorious documentarian, author, and political commentator Dinesh D’Souza at the CEMEX Auditorium. His ostensible speaking topic will be “Fighting Censorship and Debunking Fake History.” Of course, D’Souza is an eminent authority on the latter, seeing as how he has regularly peddled false historical narratives and conspiracy theories in…

The Trumpian experiment must end

America stands on a precipice. We can choose to maintain the current course under the trifecta of GOP federal government, or we can opt to give the Democrats one (or possibly two) houses of Congress. We can choose to maintain the strong GOP majority of state governorships and legislative chambers, or we can change the…

On the bathroom debate

One of the first things I noted moving into Stanford four weeks ago to start my freshman year was the bathroom situation. Back home in Utah, virtually all restrooms were segregated strictly by gender. Yet now, right across the hall from me, was a gender neutral bathroom. I discovered that this wasn’t merely a peculiarity…
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