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Clara Kieschnick
Clara Kieschnick ‘22 is a writer for The Daily’s campus life news beat. She is majoring in Biology and Comparative Literature, and grew up between Taiwan, Spain, England and California. You can follow her at @clara.metalstraws on Instagram. Contact her at [email protected]

Speakers discuss innovations for better water quality, access in India

At “The Future of Water: the role of innovation and human rights in the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals,” Smaart Water CEO Ravi Mariwala and venture capitalist and social impact investor Paula Mariwala discussed how to improve water sanitation and accessibility concerns in India, a country with a population density ten times that of the U.S.

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe talks environmental education

“My philosophy is this: just about every single person on this planet already cares about a changing climate, they just haven’t connected the dots,” said Katharine Hayhoe to an audience at the Arrillaga Alumni Center on Thursday. She was joined by the director of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Chris Field in a discussion on science communication and climate change awareness.

Caroline Kushel ’21 chosen as new Stanford Tree

From being buried in sand for a rainy 24 hours to eating an entire vinyl record to sleeping in a raft for two weeks, students competing to be outfitted as the new Stanford Tree mascot underwent some of the most daring and creative stunts on campus during Tree Week.

GSC swears in new rep, talks Rains Party Bill

In a unanimous vote, the councillors swore in Latin American history Ph.D candidate Mateo Carrillo to represent the social sciences district. Carrillo was the default replacement for Caleb Smith ’18, who was elected last year but graduated, leaving the seat vacant over the summer.
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