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Claire Thompson
Claire Thompson is a coterm M.A. student in Environmental Communication. In her undergrad, she studied Earth Systems and Creative Writing. She loves food, mopeds, and mountains especially. Reach out to Claire via email at clairet 'at'

Beyond mainstream: The state of news in East Palo Alto

Diversifying coverage of East Palo Alto

When a particular place or community seems to wind up repeatedly in the news for less-than-flattering reasons, the question remains: why do these narratives prevail? Where does that negative image come from, and who’s doing the painting?

Yessica’s story

Yessica Lopez-Ambriz, a hardworking mom, struggles to make ends meet in the area where she has lived her whole life [FL — USE THIS FOR PRINT SUBHEAD]   “Mommy, I want you to tickle me!” three-year-old Evalett wails, twisting across her mother’s lap. Peppy music blares from a smartphone with a shattered screen that Evalett is…

The future of food: Impossible Foods’ meat alternatives

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29, a massive crowd of students, faculty and visitors had already formed outside NVIDIA Auditorium to hear from Pat Brown, CEO and Founder of Impossible Foods. This innovative company is striving to revolutionize the food system by creating a replacement meat product aimed not at vegetarian converts, but…

Fun on the Farm: Twenty-five years of Earth systems

The Earth Systems department recently celebrated its 25th birthday, with a fun and “Farm casual” gathering on the O’Donahue Family Stanford Educational Farm. Students, prospective majors, alumni, faculty and friends gathered and raised glasses of wine and hors d’oeuvres on compostable sticks to 25 years of Earth systems excellence. Folks gathered in the newly opened…
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