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Christina Pan

Trump’s Presidential Budget Request worries Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate convened for the first time this quarter to discuss Tessier-Lavigne’s response to President Trump’s Presidential Budget Request (PBR), which may reduce University research funding. The Senate also heard a report from Bridging Education, Ambition and Meaningful Work (BEAM) on recent initiatives to redefine the ways that undergraduates consider their career paths.

Q&A with Adam Klein ’13, contestant on ‘Survivor’

Stanford alumnus Adam Klein ’13 is a contestant on the newest season of the CBS reality show “Survivor.” The show maroons a group of contestants in the wilderness, where they have to survive and compete in challenges for rewards. Contestants are voted off until a sole survivor wins the season. The newest season, Season 33, focuses on the clash of the generations: Generation X and the Millennials.

Brock Turner released from jail, begins parole

Brock Turner, a former Stanford athlete convicted of sexual assault, was released from jail on Sept. 2, after staying behind bars for only three months. Turner only served half of his original six month sentence due to good behavior, and began serving his three years of parole on Friday.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne reaches out to students on first day

University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne started his tenure as Stanford’s 11th president on Thurs., Sept. 1,taking over for former university president John Hennessy. Tessier-Lavigne, a former faculty member, is a leading neuroscientist who focused on research neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. His ground-breaking research has earned him many prestigious honors, including membership in the National Academy of Sciences and a fellowship in the UK’s Royal Society.

Q&A: Jean Case, philanthropist and advisor to Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Jean Case is a philanthropist who is the CEO of the Case Foundation and chairman of the National Geographic Society. Prior to her work in the non-profit sector, Case worked in the technology, focusing specifically on the Internet in companies such as AOL. Case also serves on several boards focusing on social impact, such as the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS).
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