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Claudia Heymach

Recent student initiatives aim to improve sexual assault prevention

Over the past few years, a diverse array of student organizations have sought to combat sexual assault on campus. Their initiatives have included workshops, conferences, student groups and collaboration with the administration — all of which tackle different aspects of the issue, including efforts in education and prevention, data transparency and University accountability and adjudication.

Q&A with prolific writer Pico Iyer

Known for his travel writing, Pico Iyer has explored cross-cultural interactions for decades as an essayist for “TIME” and writer for publications including Harper’s and the The New York Times. The Daily sat down with Iyer to discuss the significance of solitude and connection in a technologically-focused world.

Cantor focuses on community engagement with Water Bar

As attendees entered Cantor auditorium for the last Water Bar session, they were greeted by water bartenders who stood behind tables with numbered cups of water. The interactive Water Bar exhibit set up stations where water-tenders served attendees samples of tap water from different sources, such as San Jose, Stanford and Oakland, and conversed about topics related to water.
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