Caroline Kim
Caroline is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Modern Languages. Some of her hobbies include baking (vegan) banana bread, dancing and thinking about how to make scientific knowledge more accessible to society.

Stanford, are you really ready to open?

Stanford has trapped RAs in an uncomfortable position. We want to be there for our residents, but the University is demanding our commitment before telling us what risks we will be assuming or what to expect from the job. I am disappointed in Stanford for forcing our hands.

An opportunity for reform: A new 100-unit chemical engineering major

At Stanford, students can study abroad, conduct world-class research, pursue multiple intellectual passions — a never-ending list. However, not all students come to Stanford with the same opportunities, and the large variation in units for different majors only exacerbates this disparity, preventing some students from enjoying all that Stanford has to offer. The Faculty Senate’s…

Keeping my Stanford alive

College is a place of intense growth. We enter fresh out of high school, many of us living away from our parents for the first time, suddenly presented with possibilities (and responsibilities) we had never dreamed of. At the end of it all, four years of life — excitement, disappointment, love, heartbreak — we emerge,…
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