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Carl Romanos

Art as activism

During his career, Dawson has worked on numerous projects dealing with the environment, many of which focused on affecting people’s perception of their environment. The use of photography as a form of communication and change is a concept he attempts to pass on to his students through teaching.

Kenneth Fields: A poetic passion

  “You can see it’s kind of funky and disorganized, but I kind of know where things are,” said Kenneth Fields Ph.D. ’67, a longtime professor of English and creative writing. “Once in a while, I discover something I’d forgotten about.”   The room features a rustic looking armchair, an oft-used couch and a desk…


A crash, a bang, and a giggle woke Lauren Miller ’15 at 6:15 a.m. The dawn light seeped into the dorm room through the blinds as the cacophony in the hallway grew. She heard a flurry of hushed chatter before all went silent. Suddenly, the door roared with pounds and cheers of Stanford students.
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