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I’m Done with My Life: What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Figuring out what I want to do with my life is like trying to make out what’s playing on my grandma’s old antenna television during a blackout; it’s very fuzzy and constantly changing. Since I find it almost impossible to answer this question, I tend to avoid thinking about it. However, as I climb the ranks of upperclassmen-hood, that gets harder to do, since everyone wants to know what I have planned for the future.

I’m Done with My Life: What if?

Since coming back to campus, adjusting to the Stanford lifestyle hasn’t been always been easy. I thought it would like learning how to ride a bike again, you know, it comes right back to you just like that. However, what I failed to remember is how difficult it is — me especially — to ride a bike, and that it takes a little trial and error before you get going again. And of course, looking around at everyone whizzing past me and doing loops around the Circle of Death, I had to believe it was just me who was struggling to just stay on a bike.

I’m Done with My Life: It’s that time again

We’re back! Can you believe it? I can’t, mainly because I don’t want to. I won’t lie, it’s only been a few days and it feels…different. I’ve heard it can be hard adjusting to life back on campus after being away, like going home for the first time after leaving for college. Even though I’m here, I still don’t feel like I’m here. Maybe it’s because I’m starting school for the first time the second time this year, or maybe it is because it is, well, winter quarter.