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Bryce Tuttle

Praise for China’s COVID-19 response is misguided and misleading

We write in response to Ravi Veriah Jacques’s March 18 article “Coronavirus has vindicated China, exposed the West.” We share his concerns about COVID-19. But his effusive praise of China’s response to the novel coronavirus is misguided and his argument contains numerous inaccuracies.

Losing spring

For those of us who have the ability to leave campus, for perhaps the first time in my Stanford career, I ask you to trust the Stanford administration. If you can, leave campus. If you have already left, do not try to return for spring quarter if you do not absolutely have to.

Delays and broken promises

The disability community at Stanford has been fighting for a community center for approximately thirty years, and have been given promise after promise by this university. Up until this point, all of those promises have been broken.
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