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Preview: ‘City of Angels’

Ram’s Head’s spring musical production in recent years has been largely about putting on formidable versions of recognizable shows that everyone can enjoy. This year, the board made a decision to choose something riskier, something less famous: the 1989 musical comedy “City of Angels,” written by Cy Coleman, David Zippel and Larry Gelbart. This risk paid off well for the company.

Networks debut midseason lineups

As 2012 kicks off, we are presented with the gift of midseason premieres. Just a couple of years ago, the midseason was a wasteland for awful TV shows that networks were forced to air in place of their other awful cancelled shows. However, with several midseason successes each year, running from “Seinfeld” to last year’s hidden gem “Happy Endings,” there are always a couple of diamonds in the rough that turn out to be truly wonderful shows worth watching.

Second opinion: Best movies of 2011

This has been a year for daring movies, and the best of them have all been movies that I feel like I’ve never seen before. If someone had told me the best films this year would include a Martin Scorsese children’s movie and a comedy about cancer, I wouldn’t have believed either could even get made. Fortunately my instincts were wrong, and we have some new movies to treasure for years to come.