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Aysha Kureishi

Letters from the Dragonlands: Five Things I Love About Asia

Singlish, Peranakan and dragons are a few of the many adventures I’ve encountered in Asia. To document everything in seven columns would be impossible. I have contemplated Kiasu, slapped on sunscreen after losing my face and argued in two different versions of English. I have discovered Peranakan, reflected on my identity as a Third-Culture Kid…

Letters from the Dragonlands: Confessions of a Third-Culture Kid

There is a remarkable phenomenon in the new generation of children: in the past decade, with improved technological developments, greater opportunities for travel and rapidly progressing globalization, moving from country to country has gone from unusual to usual. For children of parents whose job moves the whole family, growing up in multiple countries and being…

Letters from the Dragonlands: ‘Peranakan’ and the Resurrection of Asia

Peranakan is a word used by both Malayans and Indonesians to mean “descendant.” It generally refers to the Chinese ancestors who migrated south to Malaysia and then across the sea to Indonesia and represents a culture and a spirit that survived through hundreds of years of European domination, provincial wars and a brief spell of Japanese conquest. Now, when something is 'peranakan,' it is quaint, exotic, antique and very precious to the Asian soul.
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