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Armine Pilikian

Human rights journalist shares insights

Carol Rosenberg, recent recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for outstanding human rights reporting, spoke Wednesday and relayed some of her struggles covering events in Guantanamo Bay, where she has logged more time than any other reporter.

Honing in on the Humanities

Research within the humanities can seem like a daunting task. Students are used to quarter sessions, where theories fly by in a conceptual whirlwind of midterms and profoundly caffeinated essay writing. In classes, it’s expected to spend one week analyzing a book, two weeks on a social phenomenon, three on an entire epoch. So, how does one escape the curse of the cursory?

In the thick of a thesis

Thesis-writing time? You mean crunch-time, ugly-time, deep-deep-thoughts-time, blood-sweat-tears-time, days-without-showering-time, girl-don’t-even-think-about-naptime time? Indeed, word association might be one way to go about writing a thesis--choose a topic, break it down into about 17 different parts, pick one, write 50 pages on it and have it represent your entire undergraduate career.
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