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Arielle Rodriguez

Jan. 9: On this day in Stanford history…

“On this day in Stanford history” taps The Daily's archives for events that occurred on the same date in past years at Stanford.

A past look at FMOTQ festivities

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the continued existence of Full Moon on the Quad (FMOTQ), The Stanford Daily took a look back through its archives to recount FMOTQ history. While an unofficial start date of the event is unclear, clips of the makeout festival have been traced back to somewhere around the 1940s.…

Stanford shifts menu to primarily 50/50 burgers

Students across campus have seen a recent change from regular beef burgers to “50/50” burgers in all Stanford dining halls. Fifty percent beef and 50 percent mushroom, these new patties have elicited curiosity toward the motivations that inspired the shift.

Projects, events herald Stanford’s 125th anniversary

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of Stanford’s first class. The anniversary has inspired a number of celebrations, including “Stanford 125,” a project intended to celebrate the history of Stanford and look forward to its future. Several events and projects within “Stanford 125” will be coming out within the next few months.

Q&A with Jeff Sheng, author of ‘Fearless’

Jeff Sheng, a current Ph.D. student in the Sociology department, led a discussion this past Tuesday on his newly published book, “Fearless: Portraits of LGBQT Students.” Featuring over 200 LGBQT students, “Fearless” is a photography project that aims to promote social change.

Initiative to light ‘scary path’ aims to prevent sexual assault

The 528-foot-long “scary path” is a dark dirt path that extends from the paved road between the Kappa Alpha Fraternity and the Enchanted Broccoli Forest to the back of 680 Lomita. The shortcut has become notorious among students as a place where the threat of sexual assault looms more strongly than ever. Although no reports of incidents of sexual assault on the path itself are currently available, former Stanford athlete Brock Turner was found sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in the woods surrounding the path last January.
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