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Arjun Ramani
Arjun Ramani ’21 is a senior staff writer for the Data section and was The Daily’s Data Director for Volumes 257+258. He hails from the Hoosier Heartland of West Lafayette, Indiana and is studying economics and computer science. Contact him at aramani ‘at’

Ramani: Accepting randomness

In many cases, it wasn’t even my own choices that determined major turns in my path, but sheer randomness. There are many possible ways I could’ve done Stanford — some better, some worse, but many that are incomparably valuable in their own way, writes Arjun Ramani.

Stanford as a VC

Conversation on campus and beyond abounds about the high sticker price of Stanford and other elite universities. So it surprises many that the University actually spends more per student on average than even the cost of full tuition. With aid factored in, the typical student is paying only 20% of the average cost per student…
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