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Annie Chang

Interdisciplinary scientific collaboration at Stanford: Developing an antibody test for COVID-19

Stanford announced on April 10 that it had developed an in-house antibody test that could detect the presence of antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Behind the scenes, there was unprecedented collaboration between researchers at Stanford that made it possible to develop an antibody test with such rapid turnaround.

Exploring the culinary scene of San Francisco

Food is one of the gateways to a society’s culture. As a Korean American, one of the times I feel closest to my heritage is eating beef short rib soup in Downtown L.A. or rice cake soup during New Year’s Day gatherings. On a human level, the act of eating food brings people together and…

Knight-Hennessy program announces two more Scholars

Following last February’s announcement of the inaugural Knight-Hennessy Scholars program cohort, the program, which is the largest fully-endowed graduate studies program in the world, announced two additional Scholars earlier this year. This brings the total count from 49 to 51.
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