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Colorful imperfections

In the summer of 2012, 2016 was basically a nice idea with a lot of dreams attached. It was a mark of camaraderie between people who would experience completely different things in the same place, arbitrarily caught in the cross-hairs of the same time. Four years later, it’s strange how quickly that number we’ve been…

Girl power (for someone else’s world)

In an effort to build empathy, we’ve made it about us – transplanted our problems and perspectives onto people a world away. In an effort to rally support, we’ve justified our cause by highlighting the benefits to those around the people we’re trying to help; and on both sides of the conversation, we’ve lost sight of the girls and women we set out to help in the first place.

Black and Yellow: Unity in difference

The series presented a tangled web of narratives that seemed to leave its audience with more questions than answers about what it really means to live in between categories. Communities play such a vital role in defining us that identity often becomes a power struggle between self-perception and external labeling. But in spite of this challenge, the stories left their audience with a profound sense of agency. I was inspired to see the unity that arose from the continual differentiation these individuals face.