Andrew Vogeley
Andrew Vogeley ‘17 served as President and Editor-in-Chief of Volume 249. He is a senior majoring in political science and hails from the great state of Texas (and he’ll be sure to let you know it). Outside of The Daily, Andrew is President of RUF, a Christian fellowship group. To contact Andrew, email him at avogeley ‘at’

Why The Daily matters: The work of an editorial board

A successful Editorial Board first and foremost engages with the community. In this sense, a good Editorial Board differs from a regular opinions columnist, who often has a specific thematic topic and writes of what is interesting to them. Editorial Boards should write what is interesting to the community they serve.

Flashback Friday: hunger strikes at other schools

Stanford University was not the only institution that experienced a hunger strike in 1994. In fact, students at UC-Santa Barbara, University of Colorado and UCLA held similar protests, and all around the same time. Below is an article that appeared on Thursday, May 5, 1994.

Stanford professor creates five-dollar chemistry set

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering Manu Prakash recently created a practical object that, on first impression, might seem to belong in the realm of science fiction: a five-dollar chemistry set that can be used to teach children about chemistry and address global health problems like water quality.

SAFE Reform seeks to overhaul current student activities funding system

The item on this year’s spring ballot with the potential for the greatest and most enduring impact on students isn’t a contest between slates or individual candidates. Instead, a constitutional amendment under consideration aims to almost completely overhaul the current student activities funding system – and has prompted controversy accordingly.
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