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Amanda Rizkalla is a sophomore from East Los Angeles studying English and Chemistry. In addition to writing for the Daily, she is involved with the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program and is a Diversity Outreach Associate in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. She loves to cook, bake, read, write and bike around campus.


We all know we are busy. 20 units, a job, internship applications— a lot of the time, our schedules write themselves. To help us keep track of our busyness, Stanford’s Resilience Project created... Read More »

Our president

Let’s start with the basics. If you are middle-aged or a millennial, if you’re middle-class or if your family is on food stamps, if you are any color, if you are gay or straight or anything in... Read More »

A trip to Poland

I don’t understand it. I try to wrap my head around it, try writing words on paper and connecting them to each other in webs to see why, how people are different. I know that we are made to see... Read More »