Alina Abidi

Stanford-developed sleep mask claims to cure jet lag

A startup founded by Stanford researchers wants to use one second of light while you’re sleeping to cure your jet lag. A sleep mask developed by LumosTech emits the light while the user sleeps, which developers claim make people feel tired three hours earlier or later per use, making it easier for travelers to adjust to a new sleep schedule.

Make some, save some – DIY acai bowls

In the past year or so, acai bowls have been popping up on Instagram, Snapchat and in different restaurants here in Palo Alto. And though the bowls can be a sweet, filling and relatively healthy brunch option, they can get pricey at around $8 a bowl. Find out how to make them in your own kitchen!

‘Needtobreathe’ performs solid, spiritual concert at the Masonic

Needtobreathe recently kicked off the second leg of their “Tour de Compadres” at San Francisco’s Masonic, bringing with them two members of Colony House, Switchfoot and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. The performances were impressive across the board. The atmosphere, however, was overwhelmingly wholesome and is clearly best appreciated by the bands’ unapologetic target audience: Christian…
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