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Ali Sarilgan

The stadiums are no longer silent

This passing month, Johan Cruyff, a Dutch man who was many things to many people, died in his house in Barcelona. To soccer fans, he was the “Pythagoras in boots,” but to the Catalans, he was the man who defeated the fascist Francisco Franco. His father passed away when he was 12, and his mother…

A boy and his cat

  A picture. A boy hugging his cat, a broken smile on his face. The longer I look, the more it seems as though he’s about to break down and cry. He is one of many — 100,000 strong — who escaped from Aleppo. He is miles away from home, surrounded by barbed wires, torn…

Such is politics, such is life

We, the students of Stanford University, according to our founding principle, promote public welfare in behalf of civilization. We are taught the blessings of liberty and cherish the freedom of speech. Our debates are characterized by their intellectual vitality, thoughtfulness and reliance on mutual respect. When the FLIP challenges our ideas, we publish screenshots of…

A rose by any other name: Not as sweet?

When I first heard the news that the ASSU had decided to take action to rename property named after Junipero Serra, I said to myself “Hey, here is another superfluous controversy.” In fact, the first draft of this very article was a snarky satire that elaborately criticized Alexander the Great for not being a Democrat, proposed…

The end of Cold War II

Every year in January, the financial and political elite of the world, along with thousands of private jets, come together at the luxurious Davos ski resort in the World Economic Forum to discuss pressing global issues --like how the income gap between the rich and the mega-rich is getting alarmingly wider.

A government held at gunpoint

However, the minute I turned in my last column on November 27th, I got news of the attack on the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, followed by the tragedy at San Bernardino a week later. In a minacious way, the topic always presented itself before me. So this time, I will write with hopes that this violence never becomes relevant again.

Knowing your allies

I’ve been yelled at by wild-eyed debaters all my life, so my gut instinct tells me to avoid emotional political discussions. Yet, in wake of all the confusion and horror caused by the Paris Attacks I found myself stuck spectating the very type of discussion I dreaded. A Turkish man, who I just met, was proclaiming that the world was hypocritical about Paris to my American friend.

America’s energy policy and how it fuels dictatorships

We are thankfully living in a time where the world has identified irresponsible energy usage as a major cause of environmental destruction. Most people acknowledge that something has to be done, but we seldom discuss the political factors and implications surrounding such a controversial issue. We are just too busy watching Senator Inhofe build an igloo and name it ‘Al Gore’s New Home’ as a populist attempt to show how big a hoax climate change is.

Politics vs. horseback riding

We tend to put too much emphasis on certain words. One single trigger word coming out of a passionate mouth can define someone’s entire ideology and set the tone for any discussion. Capitalist. Socialist. Liberal. Conservative. Oversimplification is a dangerous art, but hey, if politicians can get away with it, so can I.
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