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Ada Statler
Ada Statler '18 is an earth systems major hailing from Kansas City (on the Kansas side, not Missouri). She's most passionate about environmental journalism, but cares about all things campus-related.

Leaked emails show Hoover academic conspiring with College Republicans to conduct ‘opposition research’ on student

Emails between the Hoover Institution's Niall Ferguson and well-known Republican student activists John Rice-Cameron ’20 and Max Minshull ’20 reveal coordination on “opposition research” against progressive activist Michael Ocon ’20 — referenced as “Mr. O” — and efforts to shore up support among members of the Cardinal Conversations steering committee.

Environmental scholars and the (political) climate

On Nov. 9, 2016, earth systems science professor Noah Diffenbaugh ’96 M.S. ’97 was contacted by the Associated Press fewer than five minutes after the organization had called the presidential election for Donald Trump. He was asked what the outcome meant for global climate change, and it’s a question he hasn’t stopped hearing since. “With…

Study finds complicated efficacy of supply chain sustainability measures

While ethical consumerism is often touted as a potential solution for climate change and other environmental problems, recent research from Stanford suggests it might be a less clear practice than previously believed. According to the study, supply chain sustainability efforts are overestimated by consumers thanks to the proliferation of media coverage and “sustainable” product labeling.…

Letter from the editor: On intentionality in our Robert Spencer coverage

You’ve probably heard by now that the Stanford College Republicans are bringing Robert Spencer to campus, and you’ve likely even read about it in our publication. We’ve covered Spencer’s upcoming speaking event in our news section, and we have published op-eds from community members with all sorts of opinions on the event. And this morning,…

[magazine] Letter from the editor [copy ep]

When I first walked into The Stanford Daily, I knew I cared about what was going on in the world and enjoyed writing well enough. I had never written a news story before, but soon became versed in the time tested method of learning by doing — and by following the example of those that…

Rape reported on east campus Friday morning

A rape was reported to a Campus Security Authority on Friday. While it has not been said when the report was made, the female victim said she was raped in the early morning hours on Sept. 30 and a Community Alert was sent by the University late that night. The assault, which was perpetrated by…

Mixed responses to alcohol policy in residential staff training

As student residential staff completed their training prior to New Student Orientation, The Daily checked in with residential staff members as to their feelings and plans with regard to the recent change in alcohol policy. From interviews and an anonymous survey filled out by a quarter of student residential staff members, 86 percent of respondents said they were not in favor of the changed policy -- and questions about enforcement displayed a wide range of plans and confidence levels among residential staff.

New policy restricts hard alcohol

Starting this fall, hard alcohol will be prohibited at “all categories of undergraduate student parties,” the University announced on Monday. According to an email from Vice Provost for Student Affairs Greg Boardman, the University is tightening is alcohol policy to decrease the consumption of hard alcohol. The updated policy also prohibits “high-volume distilled liquor containers” for undergraduate students.

Varsity athletics programs to fly carbon-neutral

Stanford’s varsity athletics program will be the first in the country to become carbon-neutral in air travel with the student-initiated program, Stanford Carbon Offsets to Reduce Emissions (SCORE). The program works with carbon offset company 3degrees to invest money into a landfill methane recycling project. Energy produced from the landfill methane will then save emissions equivalent to the annual emissions from the Athletics Department’s flights. The project’s partners include clubs Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS) as well as Stanford Students Environmental Consulting (SSEC), with additional support from the Athletics Department, the Office of Sustainability and the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Science. A grant from the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation will primarily fund the project, providing $3,062 to cover all 36 varsity sports teams over the next year.

Classy Classes: Econ 183: “The Cardinal Fund”

Together with their teaching staff, the 13 students of Econ 183: “The Cardinal Fund” act as the wealth manager for the $1 million Cardinal Fund provided by the Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE) endowment. The class has seen questionable investment returns, but remains a unique learning experience for its members.
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