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How does The Daily’s Arts & Life Section work?

The following questions were answered by The Daily’s Vol. 259 Arts & Life Managing Editors Dax Duong and Carly Taylor.

What work does your section do?

The Arts & Life section covers many arts-related topics including entertainment (movies, TV shows, video games), books (fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry), visual arts (paintings, photography, sculpture), performing arts (theater, dance), music (albums, concerts, bands, singers), food (recipes, food trends, restaurant reviews) and more, so there’s lots of freedom when it comes to what you can write about. We publish reviews, features, interviews, columns, recaps, essays, listicles and even creative writing, so there’s lots of options for the type of writing you can do as well.

What does joining your section entail? How much work does it look like per week?

Joining our section can entail whatever level of commitment you’d like! If you want to try out just one article per quarter, we’re happy to have you contribute. If you want to strive for multiple articles a week or start your own column, that’s awesome too! You might be consuming a lot of art to write about on your own time or by attending virtual events. 

Because of this flexibility, it’s hard to say exactly how much work you’ll have on any given week — it could be 0 hours or 5 hours — up to you!

When does your section meet?

When you join our section, you’ll be put into a beat based on your interests. The beats are Music, Screen, Reads and Culture, and the Desk Editor of your beat will take your pitches, edit your first drafts and let you know when your beat meetings are. You can also expect to have a few section-wide socials per quarter where you can meet other writers and engage in fun arts-related activities together, like games nights or movie screenings. 

How can people join your section?

You can join Arts & Life or pitch a one-off article by reaching out to Dax Duong ([email protected]) or Carly Taylor ([email protected]) on Slack or by email. They’ll be happy to get you started and answer any questions you may have about Arts & Life!